A Good Laugh

Posted September 20th, 2014 by Yasmine

At work this morning the main discussion was about escorts Nottingham and who has gone through them before. We all laughed because he has gone through them hundreds of times and all of us have never even heard of that company before. Since none of us have ever gone through that specific escort company, my boss offered to take us all on a weekend vacation to enjoy the luxury of having a personal escort. I laughed at the thought of going with my boss to meet women as he is almost 60 years old. But for an older guy he is very entertaining and fun to be around, so I imagine some how the trip will be worth my while. If not, at least I will have most likely had a beautiful day on my time away.

Father and Son Talk

Posted August 27th, 2014 by Yasmine

Today I was asked a question by my thirteen year old that absolutely shocked me. When my son got off from the bus he ran through the front door and into the kitchen where I was preparing his afternoon snack. Before I even asked him how his day was he quickly asked what fuck buddy phone sex was. I stuttered as I tried to answer him because I didn’t really know what I should say. Instead of giving him “the talk” I just told him he shouldn’t of heard a conversation about it because it was an adult thing. When he tried to ask again I just told him his father would be home shortly and he should probably talk to him about what he had heard. I just felt that that particular topic was for a father and son not for his mother.

Rainy Day? Sometimes That is All it Takes

Posted August 14th, 2014 by Yasmine

Finding a place to work in London can be pretty tough, especially if you don’t have many connections. London escort jobs are competitive, and it is difficult to stand out in interviews.

Five months ago I was walking down the street, in the rain, towards my first interview of the day. I noticed a woman rushing across the street with a newspaper over her head, so I jogged up to her and asked if she wanted to share my umbrella. She thanked me and said she would.

We walked another block, casually talking as we went, until we realized we were heading to the same building. She asked who I worked for, and I said I was going to an interview. Her eyes lit up, told me she was the interviewer, and asked me if I wanted the job!

Sometimes, it really is as easy as being polite.

Instantly Turned On

Posted July 27th, 2014 by Yasmine

I make homemade biscuits and gravy every Sunday evening and usually have family and friends over. The dinner has to be started 2 hours before everyone arrives so that it is done on time and that no one ends up waiting if they are in a hurry. I usually cook for about 10 people and we celebrate before dinner with many drinks. After the dinner is consumed quickly every one is ready for bed because it sits so heavy on the gut.

Last Sunday my best guy friend brought over a guest, which turned out to be a Manchester escorts worker. She was very stunning and dressed perfectly and she actually turned me on almost immediately. Being a female myself, I have never looked at another girl this way. We now see each other about once a week and a man has never made me feel so good in my entire life. She knows the exact spots to kiss and rub on me!

As a result….

Posted June 11th, 2014 by Yasmine

My man and I just broke up. We were having problems because I like to watch adult webcams. This might seem a little unusual. However, I find them to be such a turn on! One day, Kent came home early from work. I was in the middle of watching a session. I would have thought that he would have wanted to join in. I could not have been more wrong. Anyway, we got into an argument. He felt that I was cheating. He could not be anymore wrong! The webcams were not live. I was not having cyber relationships with these people! I was just having fun. However, he did not see it this way. That is his loss. Now, I am starting to see someone who likes watching adult video webcams too. How do I know? Well, we may have met during a live session. I could not be more excited!

You’re a What???

Posted May 22nd, 2014 by Yasmine

A much needed visit was due from my sister. After lots of ice cream and catching up, she got serious and said “I have something to tell you”. Anticipating another tale of lost love or a bad-hair day, I waited for the details. She proceeded to tell me that she has been working for an escort service. As she described the different aspects of her new line of work, I contained my shock by asking “You’re a what?”. She continued her story of what this new venture was all about. I ‘ll admit that a tug of jealousy began to rise within me as I listened to the great things she had to say about the world of Glasgow escorts. I had many questions and she answered them all with a new positive attitude. Great income, self-confidence, adventure – she now seemed to have it all.
Maybe I should give them a call…………

A New Opportunity

Posted May 19th, 2014 by Yasmine

I just started working for the newspaper company in my hometown and I am now in charge of placing personal ads and business ads in the classified section. My first two ads I got to post was the local diner and Leeds escorts. I felt proud after finishing my first few, as I have never done this type of job before. I have to say for only being here for just a few days, I am doing an excellent job. I love the fact that I have my own desk here and that I get to be independent throughout most of the work day. Occasionly my boss will ask me to do a few odd jobs, but other than that I am at my desk working my day away. I am hoping that if I prove myself to the company I can move up in the business and possibly even get a raise. I know if I put forth the effort and hours I can easily do this, I just need to find the motivation I’ve been needing.

Saving Every Extra Penny

Posted December 24th, 2013 by Yasmine

Being in Edinburgh has given me a chance to see the world in a completely different way. Since I have been here I have learned to laugh, be myself, take chances and be free. Back at home I did none of these things and remained miserable and lonely for a very long time. That is why I had moved to Paris in the first place. Ever since I first came to this city, I have been using Edinburgh escorts to provide me with occasional dates on the weekends. I have a hard time asking someone to go out with me, so going through the agency makes things less stressful for me when it comes to talking with men. Every date that I have been on with an escort has turned out amazing and very exciting. Every extra penny I have, I put aside until I have enough to go out again.