Out With The Old, In With The New

Posted January 4th, 2014 by Yasmine

Whenever I get bored with my current fuck buddy I kindly let them know, then it is off to find a new one. I usually feel bad for telling them that they do not please me anymore, but that is what this little gig is all about. The no strings attached relationship has worked the best for me for many years.

Sometimes I will go online to view the profiles of available companions at a couple of legitimate websites that I know about. If I can hook them in I usually meet them out in public first before I even allow them into my home. Sometimes you can run into a psycho female her and there. Once I feel it is safe I will let them know where I live with a couple of little rules that I have. If I can not find someone online I will just go sit at the local pub and there is always a willing body to come home with me.

Life of a bartender

Posted January 1st, 2014 by Yasmine

I am a bartender near one of the finest attractions in the area in which I live. My job is really fun and it requires a great personality and a lot of patience most of the time. I get to sit and watch everyone drink, have fun and usually a fight or two will break out on the weekends. Many tourists also come in to grab a bite to eat and to get a ice cold drink to cool down.

I have met many famous people over the years but the one I will remember the most is the manly man from the Liverpool escorts service. He came in hitting on me one evening and kept buying me drinks. I am not supposed to be drinking at work but I did anyways. He offered to give me a ride home after I closed the bar and we ended up spending the rest of the night at a nearby hotel.

Saving Every Extra Penny

Posted December 24th, 2013 by Yasmine

Being in Edinburgh has given me a chance to see the world in a completely different way. Since I have been here I have learned to laugh, be myself, take chances and be free. Back at home I did none of these things and remained miserable and lonely for a very long time. That is why I had moved to Paris in the first place. Ever since I first came to this city, I have been using Edinburgh escorts to provide me with occasional dates on the weekends. I have a hard time asking someone to go out with me, so going through the agency makes things less stressful for me when it comes to talking with men. Every date that I have been on with an escort has turned out amazing and very exciting. Every extra penny I have, I put aside until I have enough to go out again.

When Showing Up Alone Just Wasn’t An Option

Posted December 15th, 2013 by Yasmine

Worst possible thing that can happen, trust me on that one. You have to make a good impression at this big event you’re going to, but you’re single. You can’t just show up there by yourself and hope to pass, so what do you do? Well in my case I grabbed the phone book and started looking for Manchester escorts. It guaranteed that I’d have someone safe, beautiful and who was willing to help me make just the right impression on the big, important night for a reasonable fee. I got to be the envy of most of the other men attending the function, I made all the right connections and most importantly I did all of that with a lovely woman on my arm. So the next time I’m faced with that sort of decision, I know exactly where to go, and just who to turn to for help.